About Dazer

How Dazer II can work for you:

* Protecting your Family and your Pets
* Controlling Noisy Barking Dogs

* Training your Dog to be more Obedient

* Scaring away Invading Cats

Made in the USA – ships with a 9 volt Energizer Battery already installed so your Dazer will operate immediately straight out of the box.



Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: "What is a DAZER?”
Answer: The DAZER is a small device similar to a TV remote control that when manually activated produces a loud ultrasound from a small scanning disc that dogs do not like.

Q: "Will the DAZER stop the dog barking?”
Answer: The Dog DAZER stops aggressive dogs and usually quiets noisy ones as the dog does not like the loud.  The DAZER is a great training device when you add words like "stop", "quiet", "no" or whatever command you normally use.  The dogs learns to associate the irritating loud sound produced by the DAZER as being a result of barking and stop barking.

Q: "Will the DAZER effect my dog when I use it?”
Answer: The DAZER emits the ultrasonic sound in a 45 deg arc so aim it away from your dog.  A DAZER was recently purchased by a horse rider who uses it to calm an aggressive dog when she rides.  There was also no effect on the horse.

Q: " Are these products painful to dogs?”
Answer: The DAZER and sound are harmless to the dog as the sound pressure level is well below dog threshold levels.

Q: " Will the DAZER work on all dogs?”
Answer: Sometimes older dogs, puppies less than 9 months old or breeds with congenital hearing problems are unable to hear the ultrasonic sounds emitted by the DAZER.  If this is the case we offer a refund guarantee.

Q: " Is the DAZER audible to humans?”
Answer: No. The ultrasonic sound produced is above the human hearing range.  Dogs and Cats clearly hear the sound.

Q: " Is DAZER new?”
Answer: Manufactured in the USA by K-II Enterprises since 1988 and sold worldwide.  2008, K-II Enterprises signed Ezisell (New Zealand www.dazer.co.nz) and later 101 iT (www.dazer.com.au) as Authorised Distributors for Australia and New Zealand

Q: " What are the technical specifications?
Answer: The DAZER produces an ultrasonic output from a scanning disc at 115 dB at 0.5 meter reference.  The sound pressure level is well below the threshold levels for pain for dogs. This frequency range is at 25 KHz ( + or - 2 KHz), humans can hear to about 14 KHz, dogs as high as 40 KHz. The benefit is to provide a startle effect, called an alpha wave interruption - (like when a human hears a smoke alarm -their hearing is not affected), the dogs’ reaction is deterred from the source of the strange sound. 

Q: " How long does the battery last?”
Answer: The DAZER under normal conditions is good for about one thousand one second activations, in general terms about a year or more.   The LED light will not operate if the battery is exhausted or the DAZER is damaged.

Q: " Are Dazer legal ?”
Answer: Yes, unlike electronic dog collars that are illegal in many states - please click the link to check  http://kb.rspca.org.au/Is-the-use-of-electronic-dog-collars-legal_279.html

Q: " Is the DAZER effected by solid objects or wind?”
Answer: The DAZER cannot pass through solid objects including glass and the effectiveness is reduced in windy conditions.

Q: " I have other questions?
Answer: Please contact us 07 3278 5111 or info@dazer.com.au as we would like to improve our FAQ’s

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Limited Warranty

101 iT guarantees the Dazer II, (excluding batteries), to be free from defect in materials and workmanship under normal use for a period of one year from date of purchase. This warranty does not cover any product which has been damaged by accident, misuse, abuse or alterations.

101 iT shall not be liable for any personal injury, property loss, robbery, fire, incidental or consequential damage of any kind resulting from defects in or malfunction of this product.

14 Day Money Back Guarantee

 Your  Dazer II  is a high quality product so we are very confident that you will be very satisfied with its performance.
However if for any reason this product does not meet your requirements and providing the following conditions are met we will electronically refund the full price you paid for the product by crediting your nominated bank account or credit card.
Conditions to be met for return of product and refund:
•    The product must be received by us complete, in the original unmarked packaging, without damage.
•    The original invoice must be included.
•    The product must be returned at your expense to

Dazer /101 iT Pty Limited
PO Box 1484
Toowong DC QLD 4066

•    A written and credible explanation provided for returning the product including bank account details for the refund.
•    The product must be received by us within 14 days of the date of invoice.
Note: This refund policy does not overwrite the consumers’ rights under warranty.

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